Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We also have lots and lots of other patterns for purses. They are so cute! I will be posting some of those pics as well!


And some more jewelry.....

More keychains....

Here are some more....


We also make keychains in any ribbon or fabric color of your choice. We can monogram on a button or on the body of the keychain they can be any length. Here are some examples!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

This one is the "Little Taylor" tote! It can also be made with any color contrast! It has pockets around the entire outside.

The "Jessica" Mother's Bracelet

This may be my favorite piece of jewelry so far! It is made with sterling silver letter beads that spell each childs name accented with the childs birthstone color or any color or your choice. These are a few examples. This would be a great gift for any mama out there!!!

More pics!!

This is the "Sheila" Purse! This is our most popular purse so far! We can make it with any color! Let us know what you think!

Just getting started..........

We are just getting used to this blog thing. So bear with us! We will have all of our designs up as soon as possible! We have all different purses in tons of different styles! We also have handmade jewelry too. We name our designs by the first name of the person that purchased it first! Feel free to leave comments or orders as you please!